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TERMS & Conditions

  1. The offer is subject to acceptance only in writing within three months from the date of the offer and in all cases an order number must be supplied prior to any work being undertaken.

  2. Unless agreed otherwise these general conditions of contract will form part of the agreement and they shall take precedence over all others.

  3. Our price will be based on working a five day week (Monday to Friday inclusive) excluding public holidays and the spring and summer holidays defined the CIJC Working Rule Agreement. Any overtime work requirements will thus incur additional costs.

  4. A suitable, clean hard access to the point of work is required at all times by our plant and vehicles, maintenance of which will be your sole responsibility.

  5. We shall not accept any responsibility for any defects which may arise in our work due to the unsuitability of foundation works prepared by yourselves. Any overlay work shall only be undertaken on this understanding.

  6. We shall not accept any responsibility for drainage of surface water if the surface ingredients are inadequate and do not comply with the relevant British Standards.

  7. If for any reason we are required to lay materials to a depth other than that stated in our quotation then we shall be entitled to payment on a pro-rata basis for the actual thickness laid.

  8. You shall be responsible for protection, aftercare and insurance of the works.

  9. We shall be responsible for protection, aftercare and insurance of the works.

  10. Our rates and prices are strictly nett unless the offer is based on a fixed sum price.

  11. Payment for work carried out on a daywork basis shall be calculated in accordance with the CECA schedule of dayworks ruling at the time the work is carried out.

  12. A 50% deposit is required prior to any work being undertaken on all un-established accounts or as otherwise agreed in our main offer.